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August 18th, 2008

02:48 pm: I'm Baaaaack!

Hey Y'all!  Can you believe it!?!?!  I'm back at Bay City Blues!  So much has happened in my life over the past two years, and I can't wait to talk to some of you old friends and tell you all about what I've been up to!  Check out my new BCB profile, and look for me to be blogging over there now instead of here at LJ.  I guess there was some issue while I was away, and so now we're not using LJ anymore.  *shrug*  Oh well, I just wanted to write something here in case any of my old friends still check.  I hope you come find me-  I've missed you guys!

Love & Kisses,

February 10th, 2006

02:12 am: Isn't this hot?
Isn't the the hottest? You can find Rain by clicking her name. How about a two girl call with us and double your pleasure? Love, Josie

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February 7th, 2006

12:21 am: My Saturday
Hey y'all! That visit to the strip club was something else! I didn't think I'd be so nervous but I was at first. Cole bought me a couple of drinks to help loosen me up. Honest, he had good intentions! I was so scared going up there that I only ended up taking off my top which is another reason why I didn't win but it was such a turn on. I had a really great time. We were both so giggly and aroused that we did go to that adult store and I'll tell you what all I bought if you want to call me. Maybe I'll even use it! Till then, I'm kind of embarrassed so I'll keep it to myself for now but maybe later I'll be brave enough to share. I know you wouldn't think I get shy but I do! I really am having fun loosening up. Cole said he's going to get me so loose I'll eat some meat with him. LOL I said no way! He was only joking though. :) I also had some hot calls lately. That hot "C" just made me feel so wonderful. Then I had the sexiest call with Karley who was my nasty daughter who I had to fight! Imagine that! Well it was good for all involved I must say to that nasty "J". Love, Josie

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February 3rd, 2006

05:42 pm: Wild me!
Am I a goody two shoes? Lately I've been thinking I have been. That is going to change. Tonight I'm entering an amateur stripper contest. I won't say at which club but Cole and I discussed it and he thinks it's very sexy! I plan to enter that contest and then we might go to an adult store. Who knows what I might do tonight? I know one thing, I'm ready to have some fun. Just you wait for all the details! I guarantee it'll be one hot ride. Love, Josie

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January 24th, 2006

01:14 am: What love are you?
Thanks to Pamela for this one!
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January 12th, 2006

01:44 am: Shout outs!
I have been busy with some new training classes. I have a conference in June in Colorado! It's a 2006 Flight Attendant Conference. Some topics of interest include those related to business aviation cabin safety and security, and flight attendant training issues. I attend these periodically. It's fun to meet other people from the industry and the whole atmosphere is pretty nice.

I can't forget all of my shout outs: I had "Steve" who made me his sexy college girl, "J" who had me help him try on bridal gowns at David's Bridal Shop then showed him how to masturbate. That was such a hot time! "Steve" again who became a member of the mile high club!! And first a solo call with that wonderful "Paul" and then a two girl call with Naomi What a wonderful time! You guys have kept me so busy!

My next trip is to Seattle. I can't wait to go back since I just love visiting there!

Well, y'all have fun and come fly with me! Love, Josie

January 3rd, 2006

01:40 am: Shout outs go to "Pete" who was my hot teacher and had to teach me all about anatomy, "Chris" who always loves to hear what a loser he is and I sure love telling him, and a new guy, Paul who I had just the most fun with! Can't wait to hear from them again.

I had a wonderful New Year's Eve. I worked a while and then went out with my friend. We had the most romantic kiss at midnight and just enjoyed the frenzy of a bunch of celebrating fellow bar people. I got a little drunk but it was so fun. It was nice seeing the ball drop in Time's Square too. I saw that on the big screen in the bar. I just love Dick Clark and I'm glad he's doing better. He sure doesn't age at all and seems so nice.

I am getting ready for another trip. I should have details shortly but I think this one is in the US so I'll still be taking all of your sexy calls! Love, Josie

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December 23rd, 2005

05:51 am: Hey y'all! It's been a whirlwind of a month. Seems like I have been so busy. We always have the most huge get-together at my grandparents house but I had to go over earlier and visit some because gramma slipped and fell and although she's okay, we were very worried at first. With that said, she's doing wonderful now and we're all looking forward to the best Christmas dinner with family. My parent's, all of my brothers, etc will be there and of course, me. I had thought about inviting Cole but it's kind of too soon to do that since we're just been dating casually. I do have to say that he really makes me laugh and just enjoy all of my time with him.

What a sexy guy you are, Mr E. I just loved using that strap on! To the rest of you naughty boys, I can't say enough of just how hot you all are. Thanks for keeping me on my toes!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I'm just thankful for such a wonderful place to work, a great family and just for feeling the true spirit of Christmas. If you don't celebrate Christmas, enjoy whatever holiday that you do! Love, Josie

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December 13th, 2005

12:13 pm: Happy Holidays
Hey y'all! It's that time of year again! I had a wonderful call with Mr A who taught me a lesson for snooping. Talked for quite a while with a wonderful new guy. Had some hot phone sex with Mr B and Mr E and then played a hot mommy for Mr D, who is southern like myself. It's been great. I wanted to share this holiday greeting with you all and wish you the best holiday ever, no matter how you celebrate. Love, Josie

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December 5th, 2005

09:55 pm: No place like home
I had a great time in London. So many things to see and do but to be honest, there's no place like home. I really missed my home and my job so although I was very happy to finally get to see England, I was also ecstatic to be home finally. I did get to go to the Royal Academy of Arts: The John Madejski Fine Rooms and St-Martin-in-the-Fields Church while I was there and I ate in a real pub a few of the nights. I got to try genuine authentic fish and chips and the atmosphere was a real fun time. I'm a little tired but so in the mood for some really fun callers since I have totally missed that. I also missed my family very much. It was hard not having wireless in the hotel I stayed at so I only got online once in a while. I will share more later. Call me and let's have some wild fun! Love, Josie

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